Here are some suggestions for getting the perfect cup of coffee from Calusa Coffee Roasters.


1. Grind your fresh roasted coffee immediately before you brew it

 2. Adjust the grind to your preferred brewing method and use a burr grinder in order to produce a consistent grind

 3. Use fresh clean water. It goes without saying that your coffee won’t have the proper flavor if your water does not taste good

 4. Pre Rinse your paper filters in order to get rid of any loose paper fibers. If you don’t they can end up in your brew and make your coffee taste papery

 5. Your filter cones and presses should be pre heated.

 6. Coffee is only fresh for about 10 minutes try not to let it sit.  Try your best to make just the amount of coffee your are going to drink at that moment so you are drinking fresh brewed coffee more often