I first heard about Saul Bolanos Coffee Art when I was in Costa Rica for business and was introduced to his pieces by a French ex pat friend of mine.  His art is based on a special chemical process that he started doing in 1990.

His CAFEGRAFIA®, sepia-color photo images are made real  with coffee, using both powdered and liquid coffee as a pigment to capture the many moods of his native land and people.

He developed this special secret formula to make images absolutely permanent and therefore no darkroom or digital manipulation is needed: after treating the surface of a medium for imaging, Bolaños simply brushes on coffee, and presto! The subject magically appears

Next time you are in Costa Rica look to see if you can find some of his art work, its a nice souvenir to bring home either for yourself or for a coffee friend of yours.

Here is a piece we have at the shop.. as you can see we have had it a while!..

Coffee Art at Calusa Coffee Roasters