Coffee Cupping

Coffee is similar to wine that they have a sommelier or wine steward, who is a trained and knowledgeable wine professional. In the coffee world a similar position is called a “cupper” and so I have included some information on what a cupper is and does

The “Cupper”

A crucial part of any high quality coffee is the expertise of the person in charge of the final roast, or the “cupper”, as they are known in the industry. The finest quality green beans are nothing without the hand of a qualified cupper involved in determining the temperature and amount of time the beans are roasted to produce the final product.

Roasting releases the flavors, acidity and oils within the coffee bean. There is no standard formula on how to roast coffee since every harvest is different and even coffee taken from the same farm will differ somewhat from year to year, depending on the amount of rain, sunshine and when the coffee fruit is pollinated. An experienced cupper has the ability to detect the crucial essence within the roasted coffee and decide if there is a need to increase or decrease the roast time or temperature in order to maximize the unique characteristics of each crop of green beans.

Hope you found this informative.