The ventilation system for the new the roaster at Calusa has just been installed so I thought I would take this time to write a little more about the Diedrich roaster and explain what type of roaster it is.. The Diedrich is what called a drum roaster.. A drum roaster roasts coffee in batches and uses a drum to hold the roasting coffee. The drum is both non perforated and carbon steel.

As the drum spins, hot gasses transfer heat to the drum and the drum conductivity heats the tumbling specialty grade coffee beans that we use here at Calusa. Some drum roasters have perforated drums that allow hot gasses to pass through the drum and the convectivity heats  the roasting coffee.

Roaster for Calusa Coffee

Using the drum along with radiant heat  and other factors to roast the coffee beans allows us to achieve optimum roasting for all our coffee.