We often get asked at Calusa Coffee Roasters on how should they should grind there coffee. Although there are a variety of grind types depending on your brewing method, we highly recommend that should buy your coffee whole bean and only grind when you are immediately going to brew your coffee.

Here is a list of typical brewing styles and recommended grinds:

Coarse Grind =  French Press or Percolator

Medium Coarse Grind =  Chemex

Medium Grind = Percolator with a flat bottom filter

Medium Fine Grind = Hario V60 Pourover, Siphon Brewer, Drip Coffee with a Cone Shaped Filter or a Moka Pot

Fine Grind = Espresso Maching or a Aeropress

Extra Fine = Turkish Coffee

If your brewing method is not listed or have any questions just send us a email at info@calusacoffeeroasters.com and let us know what you have and we will give you our recommendation on the grind.