Chaff is a natural by-product of the coffee roasting proces.  Chaff is discarded skin or the hull of the coffee bean and is dislodged as the coffee beans are roasted.When coffee is roasted, the papery chaff is removed and discarded.  Chaff is very light, will blow around with the lightest breeze, but is also quite soft with a delicate coffee aroma

Effective & complete coffee chaff removal during roasting is necessary to appreciate the complex well balanced flavours of modern Specialty grade Arabica Coffee

The lightweight, sand-colored chaff can be mixed into your compost heap or blended into compost for mulching beds and borders.

Don’t use too much chaff at once, however, or this fluffy stuff can sheet into a sticky mess, repelling water and keeping air out of the soil.

Additionally coffee chaff provides excellent chicken coop bedding. Chickens love playing in it and it is much cheaper than wood chips.