Many of our customer ask us how they should store there coffee so here are some suggestions:

At Calusa we recommend that you store coffee beans in a glass, air-tight container. The reason for this is that air and moisture are coffee’s principle enemies.

We think a a glass container is the best as it it doesn’t retain the odors of the beans or the oils, which could contaminate future beans stored in the same container.  Also keep glass container out of the sunlight as this reduces the freshness of the coffee

Also remember to buy only enough Calusa Coffee that you will use in a week to a week and a half from the time it we roast it.  This is the only way to have truly fresh coffee. and since we roast to order should  not be an issue.

On the subject of freezing coffee, we suggest that you do not freeze ground coffee as there are a couple issues with it.

One, the freezing will damage some of subtle tastes in the coffee and two, when the coffee is taken out the container will “sweat”, exposing your coffee to moisture.

Use these suggestion and enjoy your fresh roasted coffee for a longer time.