Its been about a month since the coffee shop has opened at our roasting facility and its been amazing at the amount of new customers that have come in.  Although Calusa is on a highly trafficked road in Fort Lauderdale, its been surprising how many people were reluctant to come by as they were unsure exactly what we did. This I attribute to the poor signage that we had, which apparently was doing a poor job explaining what we were all about.

When I opened the coffee shop, I put up a new sandwich board sign that gave a more clear explanation of what we were now offering and that seems to have been very beneficial in getting the curious in our doors and trying the our coffee.  Its been amazing experience to talk to people about coffee and to talk about all the differences between coffees from different parts of the world .  We get customers coming in, that may have been drinking they same kind of coffee for years, now asking what coffee I am using for espresso that day or what options they have for a pour over.

Since we are a small roasting operation, we have a limited quantity of coffee that we roast each day and when  we run out of it, clients will have to explain to our clients that unfortunately they will have wait until our next roast of that particular coffee. Therefore, they have even started to ask what coffee I am going to be roasting that week and if they like one because they just tried it in the shop, they are asking me to hold a bag for them.

In conclusion, at least for this post, I have to say its been a great experience and I have very happy to have opened the coffee shop. I am meeting some very interesting people and its great to be able to talk to them about coffee and coffee roasting.