Coming soon: We are going to start to offer Cold Brew Coffee but with a twist. Our Cold Brew is created by a renowned chef who is adding his special touch to this unique brewing method.

Cold Brew Coffee at Calusa Coffee Roasters


Our cold brew will have a  combination of Calusa fresh roasted Coffee that is steeped for 24 hours and infused with organic ingredients.   Here is a list of the initial 4 types of cold brew coffee that we will be offering:

Black Lightning

24-hour cold brew steeped with Calusa Coffee single-origin Guatemala roast. Double-filtered and best served cold. Fruit notes, low acid, friendly for tea drinkers. No sugar added.



Thunder Crack

Our “mocha”. 24-hour cold brew steeped with Calusa Coffee Orange Blossom blend, and all natural cocoa powder. Once double-strained, a light amount of raw cane sugar simple syrup is added to cut the bitterness. Coca is naturally caffeinated, so an extra kick and chocolate notes make this one special.


Stormy Weather

The milk and sugar blend. 24-hour cold brew steeped with Calusa Coffee Orange Blossom blend. Once double-strained, 3 oz. (per 8 oz. of coffee) of whole milk, and 1 oz. (per 8 oz. of coffee) raw cane sugar simple syrup are added. The sugar, when combined with milk and coffee, lean towards liquor and caramel notes on the finish. No preservatives added. Good for 2 weeks from brew date.


Sun Shower

Organic maté steeped for 24 hours with lemon and orange. Double filtered, no sugar added. Naturally caffeinated bush that is usually bitter, our process yields floral notes and plenty of citrus on the nose, smooth finish.



This Cold Brew is still in the pre production phase but we wanted to give our readers the first notification as it only will be offered in small amounts and on first come first serve basis.

If you would like to reserve a bottle or would like more information, please contact us at or call our shop at 954 449 4377