Oh, how we have missed you all! We are so grateful to our community for continuing to support us by using our temporary drive-thru and ordering online. We have done a soft reopening of our indoor seating and have taken down the drive-thru. We do ask everyone to wear a face covering while placing their order and while walking about. We are also limited to 6 people inside at a time.

We know not everyone feels ready to be in public so our online drink ordering and take-out is still an option.


What’s new?

We have launched our much-requested sample pack. It contain 3 distinct coffee varieties. Each bean is roasted to bring out their disparate inherent notes. It contains a sample of our Brazil Cerrado single-origin, one of our best sellers with its dark chocolate nutty notes. And let’s face it who doesn’t love chocolate?

This is then paired with another single-origin coffee and a blend, allowing you to experience the unique notes of each. This makes a great gift and is a great introduction to the world of coffee.

New at the shop


In our efforts to support small local businesses, and support the slow food movement, we have partnered up with CounterCulture Kombucha to bring you two rotating flavors on tap. We currently have a jaboticaba (aka Brazilian Grape) and an Elderberry Jun. All ingredients used in these delicious concoctions are locally sourced and/or organic.

We are also introducing an iced coffee series starting in July so follow us on Instagram, Facebook, or Twitter to stay updated.